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Transitioning From the Military

Transitioning From the Military
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Roadmap for Educators
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"For over 15 years Visa has provided a suite of financial literacy programs and education materials to Canadians, including and Choices and Decisions. Also, as a supporter of Credit Canada and Credit Education Week, Visa continues to reinforce the importance of budgeting, savings and money management in local communities. We appreciate Visa's contribution to this sector of education."


Laurie Campbell
Executive Director
Credit Canada

"Plan Canada is proud to have Visa on board as a sponsor with 'Because I am A Girl', as we promote education, self esteem and global change. As a children's organization committed to breaking the cycle of global poverty, we are delighted to educate Canadian youth on financial literacy and start them on their way to healthy economic futures."


Leanne Nicolle
Director, Corporate Development & Youth Engagement
Plan Canada

"Visa's financial education initiatives are characterized by their innovation, which has helped turn a significant number of people onto this topic. Examples like the financial literacy theater play: "Professor Q: Discover the magic of your financial power" and Financial Soccer, are strategic programs that have helped engage sectors of the population that traditionally have considered personal financial matters something for experts. To this end, Visa joins efforts at a broad national level to promote responsible financial inclusion."


National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users

"The activities offered by Visa in their website 'Practical Money Skills are highly educational and well regarded by both teachers and students. Children love to play games, and these colourful, creative games teach financial skills in a motivational and meaningful way. There are activities for children of all ages and CFEE is incorporating the Visa resources into those that we are recommending for teachers to use as they integrate financial education into the curriculum. "


Gary Rabbior
President of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education

"I teach Consumer Education at Romeoville High School and just wanted to thank you for developing such a wonderful web site. You certainly have developed a lot of useful materials for everyone involved! Kudos to you!!"


Linda Medema
Romeoville High School
Romeoville, IL

"A great learning tool! Students are made aware of the financial responsibilities they will have after high school."


Pamela Gauthier
Dolgeville Central School
Dolgeville, NY

"This curriculum has helped me reach and enlighten many young minds stuck in the darkness of the poverty cycle."


Trent Kaufman
Dublin High School
Dublin, CA

"Excellent materials, Web sites, ideas, overheads, top drawer teaching aids and I will use it again next year!"


Kathryn Goerig
Battery Creek High School
Beaufort, SC

"The Practical Money Skills Challenge has enhanced my Academy curriculum and allowed my students to measure their understanding in a fun and innovative format."


William J. Daniel III
Boone High School
Orlando, FL

"The Practical Money Skills for Life site is a perfect resource for enhancing and supporting the Personal Financial curriculum at our school."


Cindy Talley
Fillmore Central High
Geneva, NE

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